Monday, May 10, 2010

malloy wishes death on Franklin Graham

Mike Malloy: Franklin Graham Should Blow His Own Brains Out

I assume that 'blowing his brains out' is a death-wish, no matter if it's with a gun or with drugs.

MALLOY: Somebody ought to lock this guy up and give him a bag of cocaine and just let him blow his own brains out. He really, I's common knowledge that Franklin Graham is a cokehead of the worst kind...

And Malloy even shows his ignorance regarding religions.

Before posting this, I should give a language alert. It's a word Malloy uses, so I'll not change it, but rather let it tell you all you need to know about him.

MALLOY: Now you're thinking, Franklin! Every once in a while when you've done too much coke, a thought will get through, a real thought! In the interview in USA Today, Franklin also renewed his criticism of Islam, saying Muslims do not worship the same God the father I worship; uh, yes they do; but oh, oh the father thing in there...I see, OK.

Well, actually Franklin, you coked-out freak -- uh, Jews and Christians and Muslims all worship the same god. That's why you people are out of your goddamn minds because you're always killing each other! He took a swipe at Hinduism, saying - now get this. Now tell me this guy is not drugged out of his mind. Tell me this is not someone whose brain has been burned into a cinder from too much coke. 'No elephant with 100 arms can do anything for me!'

My understanding of Franklin Graham's past is that he was in rebellion years ago, but has since repented and now serves God. So for Malloy to refer back to Graham's past, as if it were still true, is simply to show that he does not believe in forgiveness and regeneration from God.

And Christianity, Judaism, and Islam do not worship the same God. While some confusion may be excused in regards to Christianity and Judaism, the separation between them came about with Christ. Islam's Allah has only a superficial similarity to the God, while in most things is a truly radical departure from the God of the Old Testament.

And if he wants to say that atheism is somehow more peaceful than religion, than I would simply point out the peaceful atheists of the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cambodia, Cuba, and no doubt a few other places where their atheism was promoted through the peaceful means of imprisoning and killing religious people.

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