Monday, May 10, 2010


The inspiration for this site can be pretty plainly expressed by the words of Walli's quoted under the title.

"...but the hateful and even violent rhetoric that has been employed in the past, and is now having a resurgence again, is dangerous and destructive and should be renounced and rejected by people of faith and good will across the political spectrum."

I happen to agree with him, to a certain extent.

Which is the reason for this new blog--to show examples of what I consider "hateful and even violent rhetoric", but from the past and from things said in more recent times.

Probably the most telling difference between Wallis and myself will be this--he considers the rhetoric of US conservatives to be the "hateful and even violent rhetoric" that we are to avoid, while I think that it is liberals like Wallis himself who most often engage in that kind of speech and writing. And I intend to show it here.

Don't know if this will be an enjoyable place. It is meant to inform, and I hope you who will read it will leave informed.

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